Benefits of using Privnote

All of us have sent certain private messages, that we do not want other people to see. These messages can contain sensitive information. If these get leaked it can do a lot of harm to the sender. That is why there are many people who do not share sensitive information over messages, for the fear that they can get hacked, or that some malicious software can reveal the messages to harmful people.

But to tackle these issues, various web services have been developed to stop the leaking of private information. One such messaging platform is Privnote. This web service, allows its users to send any type of private note, to anyone, and automatically deletes the message once, it has been read. Even the receiver of the message cannot read the message twice unless there is a time interval set by the sender. The message stays with the receiver till the time period set by the sender. Once this time gets over, the message self-destructs.

Advantages of using Privnote: 

  • It is a free service. When a person sends a private note, using Privnote, they do not have to pay for the app’s services. They can reap the benefits without having to pay a single cent. Just write the note and send it, and once read it will self-destruct.
  • There is no concept of registration. Like when a person uses an app or a web service for the first time, they have to register by giving their name, phone number, address, etc. Privnotedoes not require registration. So no information of the person, not even his name is registered by the app. The user can just start typing their private messages.
  • The messages written in Privnote, get deleted automatically, only the person to whom the link of the message has been sent can read the message, and the next person cannot, as once it is read, it self-destructs. Hence, it is a safe website.
  • Users can even set passwords to messages, meaning to read the note they first have to give the password after which they can read the message, and after the message is read, it gets deleted.
  • The layout of the app is very easy to use. In Privnotes, just types the messages, and a link gets created and sends the link to the intended person.
  • Multiple people can read the same message, only if the user wants to. The user can set a time limit. The message will remain to be read by others for that time period alone. Once the time period gets over, the message gets deleted automatically. 
  • Privnoteuses technology that encrypts messages in such a way, that not even Privnote can read them. The messages written here are not stored. Because in Privnote a link is created after writing the note. This link is sent to the intended person, and after it is read the link gets destroyed automatically. So no messages are stored or received by Privnotes, just links.

Hence, the following benefits of Privnotemake it one of the best web services that can be used to write a self-destructing private note.