Dosage for CBD to be used for pets

Since there are not any products which have been approved for the use in animals, and there are not many studies that look at the efficacy and safety, further research is required to determine more exact doses. If your veterinarian recommends CBD, ensuring that you follow the instructions that you are given because dosing for the CBD Oil For Dogs UK might vary depending on why you are utilizing the product.

According to one study which looked at the efficacy of the CBD oil to help to alleviate the osteoarthritis symptoms in dogs. Researchers were able to find that the 2mg per kg of body weight given twice a day reduced pain without the owners reporting any of the side effects.

However, the test of the blood results came out to suggest that there might be some damage to the liver. That is the reason as to why it is necessary that the veterinarian is involved in ensuring that your bet is monitored in an appropriate way. Just like with the humans who have never used the CBD oil, it is necessary that you start the pet on a dosage which is low and then continue to raise it gradually.

An example is that, you can decide to start with a quarter or a half of the dose on the label to find out how the pet is going to react to the small CBD amounts. If your pet doesn’t experience relief of the symptoms, the veterinarian might have you give it another dose of the same amount in about 30 minutes or an hour, and continue to find out the way they respond.

Due to there not being much research which is available when it comes to the CBD in animal usage, then it is hard to know the maximum dose that is safe. It is best discussing what dose is safe with the veterinarian who has experience to use CBD in helping the condition of the pet.

How to tell if the CBD oil is helping your pet

Since the pets cannot speak and tell you whether they are feeling better or not, the best way of telling if the CBD is working is to ensure that you watch them and the way they behave. After you give the dos of the CBD, it is important that you keep a closer eye on the pet to find out if the symptoms improve or not. Depending on the pet’s condition, symptom relief might happen after 30 minutes or take several weeks of the consistent usage.

The impact of the CBD is different depending on the animal. If it is recommended by the veterinarian that gives it a try, you might have to go through various doses, brands, or the forms to find the one which works for your pet. But even though to find the right product needs patience, it is worth to see your pet to be the happiest, best self.

Bottom line

The research that is emerging does suggest that the CBD might help with various health conditions of the pet including chronic pain, anxiety, and seizures. Although there is a need for more studies to be carried out to confirm the benefits, several pet owners are already using the CBD and they get great results.