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GTA or Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular video games in the world. This series of action-packed games were created by Mike Dailly and David Jones and the succeeding titles from the series were then created by Aaron Garbut, Leslie Benzies and the brothers’ Sam and Dan Houser.

The game was mainly developed by RockstarNorth or formerly known as DMA Design and was then published by Rockstar Games which is their parent company. The title of the series is a reference to the term grand theft auto which means motor vehicle theft and is a commonly used term in the United States.

What is the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto?

GTA is designed as an open world game wherein players must complete specific missions with objectives to complete the overall story or plot of the game. Most of the gameplay activities are of mature content which means that this game is not intended for minors.

Other activities in this open world are role-playing, stealth elements and a few violent scenes such as driving and shooting. The games in the series are set in fictional locations or cities which are inspired by real-life places like San Francisco, New York City and Miami just to name a few.

The game series features main characters or protagonists who must accomplish missions to reach the objective. The motive or plot of the characters would vary from one title to the other but the main premise is typically the same wherein they would need to be successful in the criminal underworld.

GTA has become very popular and it can be downloaded on gta 5 mobile for iOS and Android users. The original games were only accessible through the use of a computer but since technology has advanced; the game is now accessible on various platforms or devices.

The world of Grand Theft Auto

The game is exciting in itself because players get to choose whether to play from a 1st person or 3rd person point of view. The world of the GTA game is usually navigated by vehicle or on foot wherein players will explore the site and work on it to complete the intended missions.

In GTA V, the player must control the 3 main characters and just switch among the protagonists whether during a mission or when they are just exploring the world. The main story of GTA V is about the heist sequences, driving gameplay and various missions which involve shooting.

GTA V received numerous positive remarks when it was released because of the following reasons:

– Multiple lead characters or protagonists

– Presentation of the game

– Cool graphics and design

– Heist mission design

– Story or plot

Many reviewers pointed out that the game allows players to engage in all of the characters which give the game a lot of depth. This particular design of the game can certainly take away the boredom out of any player since they get to experience a myriad of scenarios depending on the character that they choose.