Going Beyond Luck: Pros and Cons of Decision Making Through Coin Flips

How many times have you been faced with a difficult decision and felt completely stuck? As humans, we often find ourselves in situations where the choice isn’t clear-cut and there is no right answer. In these moments, it can be tempting to just stay in limbo and never take any action at all. However, when it comes to making tough decisions, sometimes the best thing you can do is to flip a coin! This age-old practice may seem like a cop-out or an easy way out of making a hard decision—and that’s not entirely wrong—but there are several reasons why flipping a coin can actually be the most effective way of finding clarity. Let’s take a closer look at why flip coincan help us make better decisions without regret.

The Neuroscience Behind Flipping A Coin

Flipping a coin as a way to make decisions has been around for centuries; however, an understanding of how this practice works on our brains has only come to light recently. According to research from Harvard Medical School, flipping a coin activates the same areas of our brain that are responsible for decision-making. When we flip a coin, the left hemisphere of our brain is activated which makes us feel more decisive and confident about the outcome. This simple action helps us quickly focus on one side or the other and makes it easier for us to commit to that choice.

Why Flipping A Coin Is The Best Option

When dealing with difficult decisions, flipping a coin can help remove emotion from the scenario. It allows you to make an unbiased decision free from outside influences and feelings like fear or anxiety. It also gives you permission not to overthink your options as focusing too much on both sides will leave you feeling overwhelmed and indecisive. By simply tossing a coin into the air and letting fate decide for you, you can move forward with certainty knowing that either outcome will be satisfactory because it was out of your control. 

This practice also eliminates second-guessing yourself since there is no space for what-ifs after your decision has been made (or flipped). Additionally, just by taking this step towards making your choice official, you also get rid of any doubts or hesitations that may have been holding you back before then. Finally, flipping coins is fun! There’s something satisfying about leaving things up in the air and allowing yourself some time away from thinking too hard about whatever dilemma is facing you at the moment.


Flipping coins isn’t just an easy way out—it’s actually one of the most effective ways we can find clarity when faced with difficult decisions without any regret afterwards. Neuroscientifically speaking, tossing coins activates parts of our brains responsible for making decisions so that we become more decisive and confident about our choices instead of feeling stuck or uncertain about them. Similarly, by relying on chance instead of choices based on emotions or outside influences lets us move forward confidently knowing that either outcome will be satisfactory – because it was out of our control! So next time when faced with an impossible decision – flip away!  After all – when in doubt – flip a coin!