How To Safely Ship a Food Truck With SAC?


Buying a food truck is not as easy as we all think. In fact, one of the main difficulties of buying a food truck is finding a trustworthy manufacturer. However, it is easy to find a used food truck for sale online, but what about the delivery? Some of the truck owners may deliver it to your location, while some don’t. 

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Food Truck Shipping Process

Mentioned below are the steps involved in shipping a food truck. Continue reading to know what they are!

  • Choose a type of trailer for transporting your truck.
  • Choose the right date and time for the driver to pick up the vehicle.
  • Take the contact details of the driver to track your vehicle location status. Most shipping companies give you access to track the live location of your vehicle. Check whether the shipping company you are planning to hire is providing that facility to their clients or not.  
  • The driver will inspect your vehicle before starting from the pick-up location. He will document the details of all the scratches and dents and share one copy of the report with the seller. You can also request one copy from the driver. In fact, doing this will help you avoid unnecessary confusion later.
  • The driver will let you know the ETA for the truck delivery. 
  • The driver will again inspect your vehicle before the delivery to ensure that it is delivered in the same condition that is left. 

How much it will cost to ship a truck across the US on average?

In general, the shipping cost depends on the size of the truck and trailer type that you have chosen. Some of the other factors on which it depends include –

  • Mileage
  • Time of Year
  • Pickup location (outskirts Vs city)

What are the benefits of hiring a shipping company?

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of hiring a shipping company, which you must know. 

  • Avoid Stress: You can avoid the unnecessary stress of driving a truck across the country by hiring a shipping company. 
  • More Safety: As we all know driving for long hours is not at all safe. Hence, it is better to hire a shipping company to avoid facing unnecessary problems. 
  • Saves Time: You can save your time by hiring a shipping company, which means you can utilize that time for your other works. You need not have to take a break from your work as well by hiring a shipping company, as they will take care of everything.
  • Affordable Shipping Cost: There are many companies that charge very reasonably from their clients, which means you don’t have to worry about your budget at all. 

Hire the best shipping company in your location today to save your time and money!