India Travel

With more than 800 ‘languages’ and 15 key languages, several religions including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism, various genres of art, architecture, literature, music and dance, and lifestyles sweeping from urban and pastoral to tribal, India is characterised with a multifarious culture. For that traveler, this cultural feast may be the country’s primary draw.

Whether you are after adrenalin-pumping adventure, historic sightings or pristine beaches, scaling a mountainous peak or nightlong clubbing, India is really a front-line tourist destination. Geographically speaking, you will find couple of countries where one can move from tropical jungle to rugged mountain tops in under 100 miles the landscaped varies from southern plains, riverside resorts, and beaches to vast deserts and snow-capped peaks. Bordered within the north through the Himalayan mountain range, the peninsula narrows lower to Cape Comorin, its southernmost point. In the western world, it’s kissed through the Arabian Ocean while towards the east lies the Bay of Bengal.

Key attractions range from the country’s cultural heritage and medieval society, its royal castles and temples, its religious practices and festivals. The insightful Indian culture, underlined with a religious tinge, has fascinated generations of travelers who’re deeply moved by Quwallies (songs in praise from the Prophet) at Ajmer-e-Sharief recitation of Gurbani (verses in the Granth Sahib) at Banglasahib Gurudwara melodious synchronization of temple bells in the holy town of Pushkar and Sunday masses in Goa. Very good and acceptance of diversity makes Indians loving toward all religions. They exist together simply because they respect their to differ.

Attractions notwithstanding, Indians love revelry, and each little occasion in the harvesting of crops and welcoming spring or putting in a bid goodbye to winters, leads to festive celebrations splashed with vibrant colors, folk dances and traditional songs. Individuals from different religions celebrate festivals like Holi (Festival of Color) and Diwali (Festival of Lights) with aplomb. The splendor and joviality of Id and Guru Purab celebrations also encompass individuals from all walks.