The Magic of Turning Pictures into Paintings

Picture to Painting: Free Online Photo to Painting Converter | FotorPhotography has come a long way and has become one of the essential elements of our daily lives. From capturing precious moments to influencing social media, photography is everywhere. With the development of technology, we have seen a proliferation of innovative photography techniques, from filters and artificial intelligence to automatic photo enhancement tools. However, some still hold the belief that photography lack the emotional depth and tactile experience of traditional mediums like oil painting or watercolor. In this blog post, we will explore the art of converting picture to painting, the techniques involved, and how it can help you add a whole new layer of creativity and emotion to your photos.


Photo painting is not a new concept. Historical artists used brushstrokes and colors to recreate the portrait of a person, landscape, or an object. Today, in the age of digital technology, we have numerous tools at our disposal to create a painting out of a photograph. The first and foremost technique is the digital photo-to-painting software. Many professional software like Corel Painter, Adobe Painter, or AKVIS ArtWork, have features that can convert a digital photograph into a painting with just a few clicks. These software use unique algorithms to analyze the photo and select a suitable painting style. Users can choose from a wide range of preset painting styles, including oil, watercolor, and pastel, among others.


The second technique is to commission an artist to paint it by hand. There is a unique and meditative feel to a hand painted photo of yourself, loved ones, or pets. A skilled artist can add characters, emotions, and personalized touches to the portrait. Hand-painted photos are not only a work of art; they also make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, or milestone birthdays.


The third technique involves turning your photo into a hand-painted masterpiece. Many online services now offer hand-painted conversions for a reasonable fee. The process typically involves uploading a photo to the service, selecting a painting style, and the service will handle the rest. The finished artwork is then shipped to your doorstep. The online service can also provide a digital copy of the painting to use it in digital form, such as social media, websites, or printed materials.


The fourth technique is to learn to paint and recreate the photo yourself. This technique speaks to those with a deep desire for artistic expression. The skills learned in painting are invaluable in understanding composition, colors, and form. By painting your photo, you can recreate the world around you through your imagination and interpretation. You can go wild on colors, add a touch of contemporary, or keep it classic. Painting your photo can be a therapeutic process, and the outcome could be a fantastic piece of art that you could treasure for years to come.




Converting a photograph into a painting can transform a moment into an everlasting work of art. It could be an excellent addition to your home or office, or a fantastic gift that your loved ones can cherish. With the advancement of technology, photo-to-painting techniques are easily accessible, and every individual can unleash their creativity in different ways. Whether you prefer digital techniques or traditional ones, the art of converting photos into paintings is a unique way to add a whole new layer of creativity and emotion to your photographs.