Why Professional Asbestos Surveyors Can Be Cheaper

The Asbestos Surveyors are the hired professionals who conduct the Asbestos survey of the building. They are well equipped with the necessary equipment and skills to conduct the surveys within the time frame and budget allotted. These surveys are also known as hotline surveys and provide valuable information that is very useful in the management of asbestos-related diseases.

Most of the big companies are taking up these services because they are aware of the fact that these surveys not only help in determining the presence of Asbestos but also help in the proper management and disposal of the waste materials contaminated by Asbestos. They are now hiring professional Asbestos Surveyors to conduct these surveys as the result of which they save a lot of time and money as well.

A surveyor will first make a thorough analysis of the site and the condition of the buildings to know the right way to proceed. Then, they start their Asbestos survey process after getting consent from the owner or the person in charge of the site.

This involves several steps and it includes prepping the area for Asbestos Survey London by removing all the debris and securely sealing all possible access points to ensure the survey remains a secret. Once the area is ready, the surveyors start their work by thoroughly looking into the walls, ceiling, flooring, windows, doors and other openings found. Once the preliminary inspections are done, they plan their survey accordingly.

The first step that the Asbestos Surveyors take is to determine if the premise has been built before or since the time of the survey. Based on the condition of the building structure, the pre-existing survey may well give positive or negative results depending on whether the Asbestos materials were found during the survey or not. The next step that is taken is the removal and/or destruction of the Asbestos contaminated materials.

This is where the expertise of the Asbestos Surveyors plays an important role because they know how to appropriately handle the asbestos products without creating any health hazard for humans or the environment. This means that the area needs to be completely cleaned from all Asbestos materials including the means of transport, Asbestos-containing materials, and any other place where the Asbestos material was found before the survey was started.

The Asbestos Surveyors also test the air quality and the ground conditions under the survey area to find out whether there was any Asbestos containing materials that have been buried under the surface.

If the answer is yes then special instruments are used to collect the samples. Once the samples are collected, they are taken to the laboratory for analysis. Based on the samples that have been analyzed, the surveyors provide the findings to the parties involved, which may include the owner of the property, the contractor, the insurer, and others.

The next step involves the detection of the Asbestos materials through the various Asbestos testing devices. These devices can be used in the laboratory-based on the results of the pre-existing survey. Some devices can detect Asbestos only, whereas other devices can detect Asbestos that has been mixed with other particles or metals. In this case, when the surveyors finish their survey, they provide the information required to the concerned parties.