Takayama festival is the Chief Attraction of japan Takayama tours

If you are planning japan Takayama tours, then it is ideal for visiting during the Spring Festival. Takayama Matsuri or the Takayama festival is one of three globally popular festivals of japan apart from the Gion Matsuri of Kyoto and Chichibu Yomatsuri. The festival happens twice annually, once during the spring and then in autumn. Usually, the dates of the spring fest are 14th and 15th April every year. The Hie Shrine in the southern section of Takayama’s old town regards this as the annual festival. The shrine is popular by the name of Sanno-sama and so. The spring festival is also called the Sanno Festival. 

Autumn festival

The Autumn festival celebration happens on October 9th and 10th. The Hachiman Shrine, present in the northern half of Takayama’s old town, regards this celebration as their annual festival. That is why it is also popular as Hachiman Festival. The schedules and attractions are similar for the Autumn and Spring Festivals. Each festival will feature an individual set of at least a dozen yatai, the festival floats. These tall and heavy floats with myriad decorations need storage space for the entire years. So there are storehouses all across Takayama to harbor these floats except the floats that will be in exhibition during yatai Kaikan.

Chief attractions

There will be a display of the festival floats during both the day of the festival. If the weather is not good, then these floats will remain inside the storehouses, but the doors will be open for visitors. Karakuri performance is yet another attraction of the japan Takayama tours during this season. People use the Karakuri ningyo to decorate these floats. These are sophisticated mechanical dolls that can move around and even dance. The Mikoshi procession is all about carrying the portable shrine or mikoshi all around the town. The kami or Shinto deity is present in the mikoshi.